Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween: Pumpkin Style

Happy Halloween to all my blogging friends on this side of the pond!   I am so excited as this is the first year that all of my kids costumes coordinate with each other-- and with that big teaser- you will just have to wait and see what their costumes are as I plan on taking pictures and doing a Halloween shoot today.

So instead- you get to meet our pumpkins.  Yes- we name them (okay so only two got names).

Upper Left is Ryder's pumpkin which he named Happy.  He goes around all day saying "there is my happy" it really is so cute.
Then comes Alex's her happy/scary face with cheeks even
Then is Lucas' named Spookster
Then my pumpkin!  Which I painted and then cut out the windows and moons.

The kids each designed their own- drawing their faces on their pumpkins.

Ryder drew his all on his own

Alex not only drew a picture but wrote all sorts of names and things on the back of hers. Which no, we did not carve the back.

Then the next night (as we ran out of time) it was carving time!

And then the fun part- the cleaning out

She wasn't so sure about this
He would have nothing to do with it

And Ryder- he dug right in..... only to discover maybe he didn't want to do it either
But in the end- everything turned out just right

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for Proud Mommy Moments with Kmama and me!


  1. They look great!! I love their expressions in some of those shots - priceless!

  2. Great pumpkins. We didn't carve any thing year. We just ran out of time.

  3. I love that you name your pumpkins! That's fabulous! How great is it and your kiddo's are so cute!

  4. How cute! My son had no issue digging in and playing around with the guts! He even rubbed his face with the slime... strange little boy he is.

  5. Adorable! And coordinating costumes? I can't wait!

  6. Those are awesome pumpkins! I don't have any little ones to carve with so I borrowed my neighbors children and we carved out 4 was great and go figure it was the boy who didn't want to get his hands gooey...what's up with that anyway????

    Your kids are adorable!

  7. Those are the best pumpkins and the cutest pictures! My kids wouldn't get close to the inside cleaning part. Your pictures really are priceless.

    I am so excited to see the costumes! Can't wait! I've always wanted to do a theme, but haven't been able to convince the kids of it yet - maybe next year!

  8. Really cute. I didn't even attempt to ask my kids to scoop out the gust, I just dug in myself :) Pumpkin therapy!

  9. Love that you let them draw their own faces. I tried that with my 2 year old but he just made one squiggle and quit. He wouldn't touch the inside either. Apparently pumpkin carving is NOT his thing LOL!

  10. Wow, they look really cool lit up in the dark!

  11. Those are some good pumpkins!!!

    Can't wait to see the kids' costumes!

  12. Awesomeness. I'm actually excited for next year's carving!

  13. These are awesome! I didn't get around to pumpkin carving this year :( my poor kids.

  14. Love the name Spookster!
    My youngest JUST got to where he would clean his pumpkin guts out this year. They don't like that part.

  15. Awesome jack o'lanterns! I have to say that yours is my favorite!

  16. Those are awesome! Good job kiddos!

  17. :) Funny how some kids hate the goo and some love it. And we name our pumpkins, too! I love how creative those kids are. Lucas's pumpkin just may be my favorite ever.