Thursday, October 18, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: An LDS Baptism

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This last Saturday was a day I will never forget; as Lucas chose to be baptized.  In the LDS religion children are not baptized as infants but when they reach the age of accountability- age 8.  It is a very special and important day for the child- similar in importance as the first communion is in the Catholic religion.

Before Lucas was baptized he had to meet with the Bishop of the ward to make sure he was ready and that this was really what he wanted to do.  He was so excited to be baptized and all year has been talking about when he turns 8 he will get baptized.  When he met with the Bishop he walked right into his office and the Bishop reported that he got all of the questions right- one of the few to ever do that- he was ready.

Saturday morning as we were all getting ready, the toilet started making these big bubbles and things were not draining down the sink.  So no one was allowed to let any water go down the sink or flush the toilet.  Thankfully most of us (both set of grandparents were over) had already used the bathroom when the ban was enforced and despite the drama we managed to all get ready and even got in some pictures.
My dad, Lucas, Eric, Eric's Dad
And for fun- here is Lucas as an infant on his blessing day with both grandpa's
8 years makes a big difference! 
Two handsome guys
When we arrived at the church, Lucas meet with some of the leaders from the stake and then changed into his white clothes.  The child being baptized, and the person baptizing wear all white- symbolizing purity.  
Lucas in his baptismal clothes (and Eric in white too) with my parents
With Eric's parents 
My family
The baptism began with a song and then a musical number by me! I played a beautiful arrangement of a  favorite primary song "I am a Child of God" on my flute and my big sister accompanied me on the piano.  There was then a talk about baptism and about the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

And then it was time for the baptism itself.  We all sat and I watched Lucas and Eric descend down the stairs into the water.  The spirit was so strong at this point and I knew my son was making the right choice.  The baptismal prayer was said and then Eric lowered Lucas completely under the water and raised him back up-baptized as Jesus was baptized when he was on the earth.

After his baptism, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by those with proper authority.  It was a beautiful prayer with many wonderful blessing and promises bestowed upon Lucas.

So many friends and family came to celebrate the day with us, including Lucas' current school teacher and his first grade teacher- both of whom happen to be LDS also.
Lucas with his best buddy Ryan (CA Girl's son)

Lucas with my big sister and one of her daughters 

I am so proud of my son for taking this first step and covenanting and promising to follow Jesus Christ.

It was a very proud day.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?


  1. I am still feeling thrilled that I was able to attend. I just love that kid! Thanks for the wonderful weekend.

  2. Very cool! What awesome pictures you have to remember the day.

    Eric looks so much like his dad. It's like looking at the present and the future at the same time!

  3. Congratulations to Lucas!! He looks so handsome in his suit!!!

    I really liked reading about the ceremony surrounding your baptism. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I don't know very much about any religion other than my own, but I'm learning! I think it's really neat that both you and Eric got to play a part in it!

  4. So do most children choose then at 8 to be baptized? Or do some wait?

  5. It really was a beautiful baptism. And the Spirit was definitely strong that day. SO glad we could witness and be a part of it.

  6. What a wonderful moment in your lives

  7. Awww what a blessing! So happy for your family!

  8. What a special day. I'm glad it went well. I didn't know you played the flute; I bet that piece was beautiful and that it really helped invite the Spirit. Congratulations to your family and to Lucas!

  9. 8 years does make a big difference!! What a special day.

  10. Gorgeous pictures, awesome experience. Wonderful memories. And I'm just sad I missed it. :) So very cool and amazing!

  11. What an amazing event! He looks so proud and excited. I love learning about your religion.

  12. Awww you should be so proud! He looks so excited :)

  13. He's so handsome in these photos - and what a wonderful and special day for everyone!!

  14. Hey there this is Sarah Sherman.... Girlforgod27 on Instagram. We met yesterday at SoCal social! I can wait for my kids to get baptized, we are LDS too and I just love this post of yours!!!!

  15. He looks so big! And Eric looks just like his dad. :)
    What a beautiful day (despite the plumbing annoyances). I can't wait/dread the day when it is my kids turn. It is absolutely a growing up thing. I just love them so little and want to keep them like this, but I am selfish like that.