Thursday, February 21, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments: The Tooth

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Some weeks I know well in advance what I am going to write about, often because of something embarrassing my kids did and sometimes even something pretty awesome; but this week I was kind of scratching my head.

My oldest two did both get their 2nd trimester report cards yesterday and are both doing awesome.  So that's a proud thing.

But that isn't entertaining or not much to blog about other than a little blip.

So if I want entertaining, drama, theatrics well no one like Miss Alex.

Look closely- do you notice something new about her smile?

Have you even seen a loud, dramatic, funny child lose their first tooth?  It isn't something you would forget.

There were the screams when Eric would try and pull out the hanging by a thread tooth.

There was non-stop chatter about being the first one to lose a tooth in her class-- only to remember that another boy beat her to it.

There was even made up songs about losing her tooth and getting money from the tooth fairy.

Yesterday, while eating a piece of bread (yes bread not even toast) she was suddenly screaming and running to the bathroom, her loose tooth now bleeding a bit as it was ready to come out.  One quick barely pull from me and she was tooth free.

More singing and dancing; more non-stop talking about her tooth and the money she wants, even asking to go to bed at 6:00 as she just wants to go to bed....

And of course at dinner she got the red plate.  We have one red plate in our house-- this plate is saved for birthdays, holidays, days where something great happens, or if someone just really needs some cheering up.

So to my Miss Alex, I am proud of you for losing your tooth in your dramatic, funny, entertaining style that very few could.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?

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  1. This will be my E, the hubs says she already gets her drama from her mama. So who does Alex get it from =)?

  2. She does have flair, doesn't she? But that is exciting for kids!!!

  3. Yay for Alex! Her new smile is as cute as ever!! FUN FUN!

  4. Aw, she looks so cute!!! And that is an awesome idea about the red plate...might have to borrow that one.
    P.S. Last week the tooth fairy FORGOT to come for my daughter. Oh man, did I ever mess up.

  5. Yay for the first Tooth Fairy Visit!

    And that red plate is a great idea!

  6. Little drama queens are so entertaining! Congratulations to Alex!

  7. Haha that is too funny how she was dramatic about it and wanted to go to bed at 6pm!

  8. My 7 year old had to have a molar pulled two days ago because he's getting adult teeth and they needed to make room and I played tooth fairy for the first time. I went in the room to get the tooth and he was clutching it! I had to use my phone as a light and I had to pry his hand open then slip the cash under his pillow. I can't believe he woke up!

  9. Oh yeah...we've had some dramatics over lost teeth here!! LOL Congrats Alex!!

  10. How awesome! She looks great minus a tooth.

    You just have to love those dramatic children, don't you?

  11. what a funny girl she is. I love that she lost it eating bread. such a drama queen!

  12. Who needs a roller coaster ride with a character like Alex in the house? I don't remember what happened with Ryan. I think he was eating something and it came out. But the antics, singing and drama were not present.

  13. LOL Alex wouldn't do it any other way! :)

  14. That is entertaining! When my oldest lost her first tooth you would have thought she was dying! You could see the other tooth and she refused to let us take that baby tooth out... she was so scared. Finally she let my mom look at it and she was touching it with a tissue and was able to pop it right out so she didn't even notice!

  15. Ryan tried to fake me out by saying his tooth was loose and wanted to show me- I grimaced, covered my face, and ran. I cannot handle it! I hope Erik is prepared to be the Big Daddy Tooth Puller bc I don't think I can stomach helping get it out. That reminds me-- Ryan asks me to get a splinter out of his hand-- which I don't mind doing but Erik got one in his foot a few days ago and I almost threw up when he asked if I would get it out. Interesting that school calls the semesters Tri-mesters like a pregnancy. Cute post!

  16. That first took is SOOOOO dramatic! She looks adorable.

  17. is she having fun with the hole of the missing tooth and did the tooth fairy do her good?