Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Birthday We Created a Monster

When your a grown-up birthdays just nearly aren't as much fun.  There's the obvious reason: once you hit a certain age getting older isn't really a fun thing and also once your a grown-up there often aren't as many surprises.

Last week was Eric's birthday.  Last week I also had one kid home sick almost everyday.  The night before his birthday when Eric asked if it was bad he wasn't that excited for his birthday- well I couldn't blame him that he wasn't as I did not have a thing ready.

Thursday- his birthday I sent this well-ish kids off to school and kicked it in to high gear trying to save his birthday.

Yummy food for dinner- check
Candy, treats- usual gifts he gets- check

Good gift???   I was stumped.

After school I took the kids shopping in search of a really good present.

"Remember that air hog helicopter daddy used to have?" Lucas asked
"Yes, but those never seem to work as good as you think they should." I said trying to think of something different.

We wandered around electronics- then I saw it.
"How about a guitar!?" I asked excitedly.
"Does Daddy even play?" Lucas asked.
"No, but a long time ago he said he kind of wanted to and he is always making up songs and singing"

--Which is totally true, did you know when Lucas was a baby we had a different little song for almost every baby food we fed him?  True story.---

The kids quickly agreed.  We got home and wrapped up the extra long package.  He would never in a million years guess what we got him.

After soccer practice and dinner it was finally present time.  Lucas could hardly contain his excitement and wanted Eric to open the presents that instant.

We made him open his usual candy and little gifts first

 and then....

he was very surprised.   He tried to tune it- unsure of what he was really doing--and plucked around a bit

And was soon playing lots of off key chords and singing silly songs for the kids getting ready for bed, brushing their teeth, anything and everything.

Yep, I think we created a monster.
Cake the kids decorated
But for a true birthday surprise-- it was totally worth it.

Have you had a good surprise for a birthday as a grown-up?

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  1. What a great surprise for your hubby! I play guitar, so of course I think this is an awesome gift :) A nice surprise gift like that would definitely help ease the pain of getting another year older!!

  2. I have a confession, I do not like surprises, the type A control freak in me, I guess, but I do love to get something that shows true thought. May your home always be filled with silly songs!

  3. Aw, I think that is so sweet you were able to save the day and give him a gift that was a surprise! Kuddo's to you and the kiddo's. I haven't really thrown a successful surprise party but I am hoping to for Erik's 40th- so I've got a lil' less than 2 years to plan that- but I have ALWAYS dreamed of a surprise party for myself-- since I was a kid. I love that stuff.. LOVE it! I am a bit of a control freak though so I would likely find out about the surprise somehow before hand. It will take a special person to plan that. Happy Birthday Eric!

  4. How sweet!! That is one amazing present! Even if he plays off key and can't tune it - the memories you will have around the guitar will be amazing. My dad played my entire childhood and he plays to my boys now and I see how much they love it!

  5. What a fun birthday!

    I do like special birthdays but my husband sucks at them! Terrible... last minute everything.

  6. That was a awesome present!

    I would love to surprise Brian this year with something amazing.

  7. Awww! I am bad about adult birthdays..Need to do something special for my hubby this year!

  8. Well a very happy birthday, I got my son a guitar and can't for the life of me figure out how to tune it but we can play "Smoke on the Water" so we feel like we've accomplished something. I think I can also master "Iron Man", they're basically the same keys.

  9. That is so cool! He looks pretty excited!

  10. Oh, that's such a great gift! Now you can get him lessons :). Father's Day done. haha! Yeah getting older, sometimes presents aren't a surprise, but sounds like you did a good job here!

  11. The fact that Lucas thought of it is incredible! That is SO COOL! Maybe he could learn a bit online or something. He sure looks good holding it! :)

  12. You nailed it Emmy!!!! Champ's birthday is about a month away and I am in the boat you just got out of. What oh what will make it a cool birthday??!!!!!

  13. Aw, that's awesome!! Now he'll have to take some guitar lessons! Actually, there's some simple online instructions to learn some chords (my daughter got a guitar for Christmas).

  14. That's great! I am always stumped about what to buy my husband! You picked a winner. Prepare yourself for endless serenades! :)

  15. What a fantastic gift idea, so very thoughtful!

  16. That sounds too perfect! He looks thrilled and I'm sure it fast became a family favorite!

  17. Awww, I love it! You captured some awesome moments!!

  18. SUCH a great gift!!! I think the unexpected ones are the best!

  19. What a great gift! I'm sure him and the kiddos will enjoy it so much!

  20. That is a super surprise gift! I bet he never saw that coming!

  21. Surprise guitars are the best gift ever! I got one for Christmas, and I can attest to the fact that it seriously is the greatest thing ever.

  22. P.S. You are such a sweet little wifey! Eric is a very lucky man to have someone so attentive and caring.