Friday, June 28, 2013

Heartfelt Acts: June-Being a Little Kinder

Another month is coming to an end, so time to recap this month's Heartfelt Acts.  Join Janette of the Johanson Journey and I every month for Heartfelt Acts.  We give two ideas or ways you can help serve and give a little more, though you are welcome to change it up.  The idea is just to help us all stop and notice those around us and help us give a little more.

1.  Start a piggy bank for a cause- maybe even have kids help by doing extra jobs around house/neighborhood to earn money.

2.  Give Affirmation: Offer encouragement freely to your friends, co-workers, and family.  You can always find something positive to say in any situation!

I am naturally a positive person. I try to look for the good in life and the good in those around me.  I have learned that you never really know what is going on in someone's life and so hopefully am less quick to judge or assume things because of this.

 Just yesterday Lucas attended a friends birthday party.  He was nervous about going, it was at one of those bounce places and he has had some bad experiences at other parties and his normal anxiety of course.  Throughout the week I talked with him about the growth I have seen in him, in his ability to try new things even when he is scared.   He decided that he did want to go and I am happy to report he did go and he had so much fun.

I am part of a page on facebook where you can share pictures you have taken, ask for advice and just help others too.  On that site I showed a then and now picture-- i.e. a picture from when I first started taking pictures (a newborn shot of Ryder actually) and one of the newborn pictures from my recent shoot.  It felt wonderful to get compliments and praise for how far I have come.  Now I am taking the time to make sure I take the time to comment back, compliment and give advice when it is asked for as I truly believe that by sharing we can make the whole industry (photographer and consumers) better as they will know what good pictures are.

 Oh and speaking of which- a little selfish plug here; I just rebuilt from ground up and launched my Emily Kathryn Photography website; I would love for you to check it out, there is even a blog section that you can comment if you would like.

The little good things we do in life really do make a difference and really can completely turn around someone's day.

I hope you join us next month and this month too and help spread a little more good in the world.

Here are July's Goals:


1.  Leave a sweet message or gift to Thank your mail carrier.

2.  Gather up some books that can be donated to a library or Goodwill/Salvation Army. 

When you share your Heartfelt Acts, share your blog post link below.


  1. Words can do a lot to build others up!

  2. I for one feel a lot better when I get a little tap on the back to say I"m doing a good job or that my comment makes another person feel good. I think that warm fuzzy feeling is worth it to def. be more kind. Great post!! Wish you were closer to be my photographer!

  3. We certainly need more kindness in the world. I've been sad watching the news lately. The Zimmerman trial, the NFL play just arrested for murder, even Paula Deen, and how the media is coming down so hard of her. Why are we so unkind? We ALL have issues and failures and poor judgment at times.

  4. Isn't it amazing what the power of positive words can do? How wonderful Lucas did so well at the party!
    I think your photography web page is beautiful!

  5. Thank you! I am very happy with it