Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Wear Your Kids Out on the 4th of July

Here is the recipe to totally wipe your kids out 4th of July weekend (or at least what we did)

Day 1- July 4th

1 Pancake Breakfast

1 Trip to the movies (Ryder's first time)- We saw Despicable Me 2
1 BBQ with friends followed by firework viewing
Still not a fan of the noise- but he stayed awake and watched the whole time
Day 2- July 5th

 1 Trip to the beach


 Lots of sand digging

We went with the same friends we saw the fireworks with
 1 Child being buried
 1 Jelly Fish Stinging
Okay, I definitely don't recommend that last part; but that is what happened to Alex.  She was out in the water one last time (we were literally packing up) and then started screaming and said her arm was burning. That darn jelly fish got her entire arm.  Thankfully the lifeguard and his bottle of vinegar helped stopped the burning.

1 Car washing (the sand just does not stay at the beach)

Day 3- July 6th

 1 Trip to Knotts Berry Farm

Day 4- July 7th
  Church and visit from out of town family

Day 5- July 8th
  See it worked...
Image-1 copy

 actually it may have worked too good, he is sick.

So yea, you may or may not want to follow this recipe... or do so with caution.

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  1. Pretty sure that would wear me out, too! That's a couple weeks of activities in one weekend! Whew! Sorry Alex got stung by the jellyfish. Reminds me of that Friends episode where Monica gets stung and Chandler has to pee on her to stop the burning. :o) Glad the lifeguard had some vinegar on him, otherwise it could have got awkward! ;o)

  2. Wow! I feel like a complete loser of a mom between you and Becca. Maybe when Drew is older, we can do more things. I saw the jelly fish sting on fb. Poor thing. Good to know that the lifeguard was prepared. Vinegar is good for everything!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. What a fun holiday weekend! I hope Ryder starts feeling better very soon.

  4. Ha ha awesome. We didn't do AS much but my kids went to bed late every night since Wednesday so yeah, we wore them good.

  5. Now that looks like the perfect way to wear out the kids - and an amazing fun weekend to boot! Except for the jelly fish sting, of course. Poor Alex! And I hope Ryder feels better soon!! :)

  6. Busy, busy.
    That will wear them out, hope he feels better soon.

  7. Funny story... we did the same thing or similar with Andrew this past week! That poor kid was exhausted by time we went home.

  8. Yes I think I am exhausted still from our weekend too :)

  9. Me too-- took him to the Dr. today, turns out he has strep throat, but at least now it is being treated

  10. Thanks! Yes, definitely will take the weekend without the jelly fish

  11. Yea we can't get ours to bed too late or they really crazy

  12. Thanks! He has strep throat but is on antibiotics now, so should be better soon

  13. Your kids are still little, they are so easily entertained and don't really got bored yet. I never did this much when I had a young baby

  14. Lol! Yes, glad pee did not have to be involved

  15. Awe, how is Ryder feeling? And did he enjoy the movie? Mark really wants to go see that movie, although we never saw the first one....

  16. He did really like the movie, just sat there eating his popcorn and laughing. I took him to the doctor today, strep throat. Thankfully the kind that can be treated by antibiotics, so hopefully will be all better soon.

  17. *giggles* I remember those days, but usually I was the one who was worn out in the end, especially with my oldest. She was like the Energizer Bunny! Y'all did so many fun things, and I love the photos from your activities. Y'all are a cute family!

    (Sorry about the jellyfish sting, poor baby!)

    Go to the library and get that book! ;P


  18. Aw, sorry your poor little guy is sick! But man, y'all certainly packed in the fun! (well, minus the jellyfish sting)

  19. Ouch, a jellyfish sting! Glad no one had to pee on it ;-) How was Despicable Me 2? The first one was so cute. How did Ryder do in the theater?

  20. Poor little man! I hope he's feeling better! You sure did a great job at exhausting them!

  21. Despicable Me 2 was so funny! I think I liked it even better than the first. Ryder did awesome just sat and ate his popcorn and laughed at all the funny parts.

  22. Yes, definitely didn't need that part

  23. Yes that is a good idea! Free books are always good. How is the language in it?

  24. Not good. I'm very disappointed in the language. I think the book has been marketed as YA so I didn't think the language would be that bad. I've read TONS of YA books in my day (mostly previewing them for my daughters) so this one was a bit shocking.

  25. Shoot! I hate that.. I read one review that made me wonder. Don't think I will bother reading it. Only have so much time for reading so don't want to spend it reading something that will be offensive to me.

  26. I don't blame you. I wouldn't let my youngest (16) read it. I don't think that the girls who voted for it realized the language was that bad, and the Book Club President's brother-in-law passed away yesterday, so I don't want to upset her further. I'm going to blog about it to warn parents once I'm finished reading it.