Monday, December 23, 2013

July in December: Utah Trip Part 2

Last week I told you that I forgot to ever share our annual family reunion Utah trip, so I am doing a July in December thing.  You can read Part 1 here, now for part two: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday we actually split part of the day from the group and hung out with my brother and his family.   His in-laws live in the area and have some jet-skis and were nice enough to take us all up to  Pineview Lake for a fun day of swimming, beach playing and jet-skiing.

My kids kept asking where the waves where and they thought it was funny that they could see the end of the water.  We had to explain several times, this was a lake not the ocean.  Alex and Kensington had so much fun just floating around in the water.  We kept having to call after them to come back closer to the shore.

Lucas liked the jet-skis as long as they were going pretty slow.  Alex was more brave and Ryder didn't want to ride them at all.  In fact he didn't even go into the water until the very end.

We had to hurry back for our Christmas in July (see totally works that I am doing these posts now).  My MIL had the table decorated all Christmasy and the kids ate their Christmas meal of ham, rolls and green beans.  Then we sent them all down to watch a Christmas movie while the grown ups had King Crab legs. It was awesome!
fancy dinner
After dinner, Raelynn read a Christmas story and then there were lots of presents to share.  Each kid was able to pick a present that they opened which had enough things in it to share one with everyone. and everyone also got an umbrella (more about those later)
Of course if it is "Christmas" you need Christmas treats.  Sugar cookies for the kids to decorate to be exact.

We added a new designation to our week with a trip to Cowabunga Bay.  It is a mini water park not far my from in-laws.  The kids had such a great time.  The four oldest (Lucas, Kate, Ethan and Alex) all braved all of the water slides; while the younger ones had a great time at the smaller slides and the lazy river.
It was so much fun and we managed to not lose anyone with the 5 adults and 7 kids.  (Rachel stayed home with baby Cooper). 
Alex really did have more fun than she looks- she was just having attitude at the moment
We ended the night with a yummy dinner at Dickey's BBQ.  

Come back tomorrow and I will wrap up the final few days of our trip.  Also- you have until Wednesday (yes Christmas) to link up with week 3 of the Review Extravaganza. 


  1. I love that you celebrate Christmas in July! How fun!

  2. I love your collages! And, my husband LOVES Dickey's BBQ. We have the cups in our cabinet!

  3. Wow, that water park looks so fun!