Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Craftastic Saturday

This weekend I spent the day with an awesome bunch of ladies just crafting all day at Craftastic Saturday, sounds perfect right?  It really was, especially since I ended the day by going on a date with my husband.  Girl's day and a date with my man, perfect.

Angela and Stacy of Bubba's Basics put the whole thing together, including the yummy bagels and fruit to get us started, all of the project and the awesome lunch.  They did a ton of work.
We started off the day with a couple of projects, a cupcake plate stand and a pallet decor.

For the pallet they didn't give us any sample ideas, as they hadn't figured what they wanted on their own pallets.  Despite all of us being a bunch of crafters we were stumped, quickly scrambling to pull up Pinterest for ideas.

But soon our creative juices got flowing and it was so awesome to see all of the different ideas everyone came up with.

I made a family sign (thanks to the school teacher that was there who helped me with writing the word family as I cannot write neatly).

After a yummy lunch....
we got started on our wreaths.

Several of us covered our letters with moss.  We used mod podge to stick the moss on and let's just say it was a pain!
Some of us felt like we were even growing moss by the time we were done.

Then we made the butterfly jars.  We glued down half a styrofoam ball and covered it with moss, then we stuck butterflies on thin little wires into the ball.  Looking back it would have been way easier to stick the butterflies in the ball then glue down the moss as my wires kept bending when I tried to poke them in after the fact.   Some of the ladies glued their ball to the lid of the jar and turned the whole thing upside down and I liked that look better, live and learn right?
The day was also wonderful as I got to spend it with my friend Amanda of Kaleidoscope of Colors whom I met a little while back at the SoCal Social.  She has the cutest baby bump and the cutest retro maturity shirt she made herself.

It was a fun day and not only did I come home with the projects I made but a bag full of goodies from all the great sponsors.

Have you done any crafting projects recently?


  1. That looks so fun! I love the butterfly jar. I haven't had time to get crafty recently...I must fix that!

    1. It had been a long time since I had done any crafts either, it felt goo to actually do some and always fun to do with a bunch of fun ladies

  2. That looks like SO much fun! I wish we had something like this where I lived. I love all of the fun crafts you did :D

    1. Thank you! It was fun. You just need to get one started :)

  3. I wish we had things like that around here.

    1. You just need to start one! Just get a group of ladies together, figure out some activities and have fun. This was just at the one of the co-hosts houses.

  4. Oh what fun! I love the butterfly jars! Looks like a great day.

    1. Yes my daughter loved it so much I gave it to her to keep in her room.

  5. I've got craft projects coming out my ears lately, getting things ready for Piglet's birthday next month. I love the pallet sign! What a fun day. That lunch looks great too!