Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday 5: School's Out!

It's Friday which means it's Friday 5 Time!   (#Friday5)  Your chance to share 5 thoughts or things and 5 Pictures from the week.  A great way to recap those little things that don't need a post of their own.

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This week my co-host is the beautiful Ange of Hairspray and Highheels.  Hairspray and Highheels is
a "one stop shop for women looking to add beauty in whatever form in their lives."  Ange shares her favorite products, tips, cute outfits, reviews, fitness, etc. all while staying true to her voice.   I loved her Time Saving Tips For Busy Mom's post.

Here are the questions I asked Ange.

1. Why did you start blogging? How long have you been blogging? I started blogging right after college. I guess it started with just mini online journal type things. Then I had to start a lifestyle blog for a class I took during college and I never really got into it. A few years ago I had the opportunity to write for an all female Philadelphia sports blog and I loved every minute of it. When that site closed down about two years ago I started Hairspray and Highheels with absolutely no idea that it would turn into what it has and made me so many awesome friendships. I originally started it just to have an outlet to talk about all things beauty to anyone other then four close friends who were sick and tired of my constant obsession. 

2. If you had to leave the house only doing two things of makeup what would they be?  
Is that a trick question? I really can only pick two? ;) Ok... if I HAVE to than I would have to say blush and mascara, if you catch me without either one I probably have the plague and am near death but even then I think I would still wear it. 

3. What is your favorite TV show?  
The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is that too obvious? Really though, I have a crazy reality TV obsession so at any given moment it's some form of reality tv show that I am loving. 

4. What is the best blogging advice you have ever received?  
If you want everyone to like you, stop blogging. The reality is not everyone is going to like you and the internet can be a cruel place full of negativity so you have to learn to let it roll off your shoulders and not give it a voice.  

5. What is your favorite way to relax in the summer? 
A glass of wine, a good book and country music! 

You can find Ange at the following locations:
  Here Blog//Twitter//Facebook//Instagram//Pinterst

Thank you so much Ange for co-hosting today!!

5 Things

1. My kids are done with school!  Summer has officially started. Since most of you probably follow me on instagram (which do if you don't!)  you now know the surprise I alluded to yesterday.  We are at Legoland today!  A little fun end of the school year surprise.

2. This weekend I was so lucky to be able to attend the Elevate Conference.  I am still waiting for some of the photographer's shots to steal, so I will tell you about it next week; but let's just say it was the best weekend ever.

3. This weekend also was awesome as while the boys were away camping, Alex and I had a girls night.  We went out to dinner, where we got appetizers and dessert of course, then went shopping.  The girl can shop!  As we were browsing through the racks, she would pick something out and say "Oh you must come feel this, feel how silky this is."  "Oh look at this fabric, it is so sparkly, this would be divine!"  All said in a 'fancy' voice.  We ended up shopping way past her bedtime and each ended up with some cute clothes.

4. Yesterday as I was desperately trying to get the house all cleaned up (as the day we get back from our end of the school year trip family from out of town will be on our doorstep), I was just feeling run down and blah.  Ryder asked if I was okay and I said I was just tired.  He then said "should we just sit and read some stories"   I love that boy.

5. It has been a week and a half since Ryder's birthday... his Happy Birthday banner is still up.  Yes, I have been crazy busy cleaning, see #4, yet it is still up.  Guess it is time to take it down.  Does anyone else forget about things like that and leave things up way past their time?

5 Pictures
Trying on clothes with my shopping diva
Love when these bloom in my yard
A few of the many pictures from Elevate

His self portrait 
Last day of school blues
What is your Friday 5 this week?  Link up below.


  1. I love the group selfie shot from the conference! Too cute! :)

    Sidenote: I wonder when spell-check is going to start recognizing selfie as a word. It tries to correct it for me every time I type it...

    1. That is true- I think it has even made one of the dictionaries now, so it should know it.

  2. The last day of school pics are super funny! I'm sure they really didn't feel that way!

    1. They sort of did.. they actually were kind of sad it was over.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, can't wait until our dahlias start blooming and give me something to cut and take inside to enjoy.

  4. Our 4 birthdays range from the end of February to the 1st of May. So I just leave our birthday banner up for 2 months. :)

  5. I still can't believe you guys are out of school already! Enjoy your trip to Legoland. :)

  6. I bet they had a blast at Lego land! You are such a great mom!

  7. Beautiful flowers and it sounds like girls night was lots of fun! Lego Land sounds great. I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful time!

  8. Last day of school blues = awesome. Summer fun ahead!