Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things: Old School Blogging

I am linking up with some Old School Blogging today with Elaine and this time's co-host Krystyn of Really Are you Serious. #OSBlog

This time it is all about favorites.

1. Sit down restaurant: I love going out to eat so this could be about any- but let's go really high end and say, Flemmings- super fancy, amazing service and food but definitely a very rare occurrence as it is extremely expensive. 

2. Cookie- sugar cookies with yummy frosting, though No Bake Cookies are a close second

3. Bath Product Scent- um I really have hardly any sense of smell, so I honestly don't really think about this, so something more neutral, not too flowery as since I can't smell very well I wouldn't realize if it was too much.

4. TV Shows: Person of Interest, Marvel's Agent of Shield, Downton Abbey,  and my guilty pleasure Scandal.  

5. Flower/plant-any sort of flowering tree, I love it when they are in bloom. 

6. Bad-for-me-snack- crackers and cream cheese, or really any kind of cheese, I love cheese.  

7. Magazines- I don't get any, I used to get Reader's Digest and loved that. I do like looking through People at the doctor's office

8. Hobby: Photography (though it's a business too), reading, writing, tole-painting (painting on wood)

9. Holiday: Christmas, I love decorating for Christmas and our three Christmas trees, and I love the excitement of the kids, the spirit of Christmas, and of most importantly celebrating our Savior's birth

10. Girls Night Out Activity- a crafting night, where we all get together and bring projects we are working on, eat snacks and visit and talk. 

11. Date Night- Dinner and a movie is definitely our most common date night, but really I am up for anything as I always have fun with my husband as he really is my best friend.  We have had a lot of fun hitting up Knotts or Six Flags just the two of us. 
Date night about to go on Superman
Join in with some Old School Blogging and would love to know what your favorite holiday is? 


  1. I want some of those cookies! :D And I love that y'all went to the amusement park on a date, so fun. Thanks for playing along again this month!

  2. Ok I had a whole comment and it got eaten.. can keep the theme parks I can't handle rides and I will eat the cheese while you do that.. deal??

  3. Oh, that would be so fun to hit an amusement park without the kiddos! We will have to add that to our list once we can leave the youngest for a day! So much fun!

  4. I should send you some of my magazines. I never get to read any of them!

  5. I love those cookies. Lots of icing. :) And I keep hearing amazing things about Scandal - I need to get on that bandwagon and watch it!

  6. I love that you go to amusement parks w/o kids. What a fun thing to do!

  7. So I've never seen Downton Abbey... everyone talks about it though. and now you have me wanting sugar cookies

  8. Mmmm….cheese and crackers really are a great combination, aren’t they? I love seeing the cherry and plum trees flowering in the spring, too. What kind of flowering trees do you see out West?