Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five: Towers of Ice Cream

With no school Monday this week flew by but I am still glad it is Friday!  Join me for Friday 5, share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.

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5 Thoughts

1. This week Ryder had a field trip to the pumpkin patch with his preschool class.  They began by going into the petting zoo.  He stood there, his fingers flexing open and closed, he wanted to pet those animals, but he just wasn't sure if he dared.  After a minute or two and watching the other kids in his class, he was soon petting everything and trying to pet the duck which just liked to run away.

2. Lucas for a while was not sure if he even wanted to dress up for Halloween, he did and then he didn't.  Now we are back onto him wanting to so I need to hurry and get him a costume; he wants to be a police officer.

3. Yesterday I started a load of laundry first thing in the morning very shortly after I woke up, that way I would be able to get a good jump and stay on top of laundry.  I put that load into the dryer at 8:00 at night... so much for my early start.

4. It is finally getting cooler here, though it is still in the low 80's- but I am totally pretending like it is fall here and busted out my new boots yesterday.  I love tall boots.  I can't really decide if I am a fan of the ankle boots which are in this season.  I think it will be one of those things I think looks good on other people but not on me.

5. I had another photo shoot this weekend and two more coming up in the next two weeks, two little baby shoots coming up (not newborns though), so excited and busy!

5 Pictures

Alex's soccer team- three red-heads on her team! 
Family night treat- we do it right!
Common Core math drives me buggy!
After reading a stack of library books to him I just couldn't keep my eyes open and told him I needed a nap, when I woke up I found him like this, I guess he needed a nap too
Sneak peak from my session this weekend-cute kids!
What is your Friday 5 this week?  Link up below!


  1. Beautiful shot of the kids! They're so photogenic!

    I love wearing tall boots, too. I have a couple pairs of ankle boots, but I normally only wear them with leggings. When I wear them with anything that exposes my legs, they make me look squatty since I'm only 5'3". :)

  2. Maybe that is my trouble as I am not that much taller- that is probably why I think they look funny on me.

  3. I have finally come to terms with common core math. Do I necessarily understand it? No. It is definitely not how I learned things! But, he gets it and that is what matters. At heart, I love the idea of being able to show HOW you got an answer instead of memorizing. So from now on, I am totally embracing it.

  4. Yay, Ryder! That's no easy task. So sweet.

  5. I love the family night treat picture! Also, I wish we had your weather!!!

  6. I swear already Halloween costumes give me a headache! Nolan changes his mind every second lol!

  7. I love that he was nervous to pet the animals. too cute!