Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Five: Rides, Tears and Awesome Clients

What is your favorite thing about Friday?  For me it is the fact that I rarely ever cook dinner on Friday, we almost always go out to eat.  Come share some thoughts and pictures, 5 each to be exact with me as part of Friday Five! (#Friday5)

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5 Thoughts

1. I seem to cry pretty easily now, no full blown tears, just eyes get misty at little things.  When I was little I definitely cried a lot, then I "toughened up" as a teen, and when I worked as a Foster Care worker, well I got really good at shutting it off.  Now, yeah, not so much.

2. I love taking pictures, clients like Amanda of Kaleidoscope of Colors just make my job fantastic.  Not only do I get to take her adorable little guy's picture, but she totally utilizes the pictures, cards, table runners, and shares them like crazy.  It makes me happy.

3. Last Saturday Alex had her first basketball game.  We only had five girls, and no coach (she was sick).  We lost in over time 13-11.  We lost in overtime because of the most stupid rule ever.  At Alex's age they are not allowed to play full court defense.  So if our team shoots the ball and misses and the other team grabs the rebound, we have to immediately run back to the other side of the court to wait to play defense there.  I understand the merit of the rule as it helps give the girls a chance to play and shoot so some team is not always just stealing the ball, but the penalty-- if they don't run back and go for the ball as you actually would in real basketball, it is a technical!  Let's just say I am a little riled up about this stupid rule.  Alex's team did great though with no subs and they came back from being down 9-2.

4.  We had so much fun at Knotts on Monday.  It was a teacher-in-service day, so most schools were still in session, it was so empty!  In 4 1/2 hours we went on 18 rides!

5. Yesterday as I sat in a chair while my kids rode their bikes in the cul-du-sac,  I couldn't help but think how perfect the weather was and that I really do not miss living in a snowy place.

5 Pictures

He had one hand on the steering stick and the other just across the seat all chill like
My oldest two
Knotts Berry Farm
Cool roller coaster shot from Knotts
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What is your Friday 5 this week?


  1. That baby is adorable! The Christmas theme is sweet, too.

    Hearing about Alex's basketball team makes me wish we'd started Lexie in basketball when she was young. She plays at school, but not on a competitive team because she lacks the skills the kids on the team have from playing for 10 years. Really wish I'd got her started early like you did!

    1. Yes, that is one thing I hate about sports now days-- if you don't start them young then they are just so far behind yet sometimes it is just too much and so much pressure for when they are young.

  2. Those of us here in the snow sure wish we were sitting with you in the sunshine....snif....

    1. Yes, I wish you were sitting here too! You guys just need to move down here :)

  3. That last photo is absolutely precious! Where did the hat come from? Sooooo cute! We went from 20 degrees as highs last weekend to highs in the 50's this weekend. Crazy MO weather, if you don't like it, stick around 30 mins and it'll change.

    1. Thank you! The mom bought the hat from someone on etsy. Yeah, the weather in Illinois was always like that, changing all the time, don't miss it much.

  4. I need to get my boys some bikes :) they have some smaller ones at Grandma's but we don't have a good street to ride :( That's the craziest Bball rule I've heard!

    1. Yes, we live in a cul-du-sac which is great for riding and playing in, yet it is a bit curved so Ryder had a bit of hard time at first getting up “the hill” so we often go to our local park and they ride around the parking lot