Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Five: Rain, Thrift stores and Mother's Day

Friday five time! Share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week, it's really as simple as that!  #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. Rain!  We actually got rain last night!  It is so needed in California.  Might have helped that it was the national day of prayer yesterday.

2. Did you know I am only 15? At least that is what Ryder said on his Mother's Day questionnaire that he did at preschool.  Other than the age thing, I was so impressed with how insightful and accurate his answers were.  (See in the pictures below)

3. Yesterday I was in thrift store heaven.  A new Deseret Industries opened up in a nearby city, and man it is the Gold Star of thrift stores.  Check out my full review here.

4. I have learned there are definitely ages and stages of my kids that I enjoy more than others. Potty-training, never liked it.  Right now I am just really loving the age Lucas is at. Old enough that he understands so much more, I feel like there is a lot more I can talk with him, connect with him on, but no teenage attitude yet.  I feel closer to him than I have in a few years.

5. I am so glad it is almost the weekend.. and I must admit I am excited to see what my husband and kids do for me on Sunday.

5 Pictures
Cub Scouts Pack Meeting
A night in "Parris" with some of my friends
The Mother's Day Questionnaire 
Deseret Industries  (6 of 9)
Woohoo!  Best Thrift store ever!! (And check out my new lens! Eek!!)
Finishing his homework in the car and his sister ready to pounce and take her pencil back

What is your Friday Five?


  1. I love how happy you are to be in that thrift store. Woman after my own heart! :D Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. I love the age Ethan is at now too. Something very nice about them seeming old enough to help out and talk but young enough to still what you say. :) xoxo

  3. I love that Paris photo! And your camera lens!!

  4. I know what you mean about the stage Lucas is in. That was a really good one with Lex, too. She's only a few weeks away from being a teenager and I'm already noticing her getting a little more moody and less inclined to cuddle. :( I'm going to miss this.

  5. So would you really want to be 15 again?