Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five: Angels, Girls Night and a Desk

Friday! Friday!  Which means Friday 5! #Friday5  Just share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures and boom, easy fun post!

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5 Thoughts

1. It was a busy weekend, Alex had as soccer tournament and then we went straight from that to the Angels Baseball game.  It was Eric's work summer party.  Eric participated in the hot dog eating contest and did not actually win, a 13 year-old girl did.  But she also had a two hot-dog handicap.

2. Soccer season is now in full swing since Ryder's practices have begun.  Four days a week I am running kids to soccer... plus scouts... plus chorus which Alex joined again.  So yeah, life is a bit busy.

3. Had a much needed girls night last night.  We just hung out and all talked way too late into the night, it was fun!

4. It is going to happen, my craft room that is!  Yesterday I ran to the thrift stores and I found a great desk for only $30!  I had to do some crazy maneuvering to get it out of the car all by myself when I got home.  I am so excited to paint it and just get the whole craft room put together.

5. It has been really hot again all week, triple digits.  I am over it!  I sometimes wonder how I survived living in Arizona where triple digits were an all too common thing.

5 Pictures
The Habit Burger
Dinner on our date night--so so good! 
Angels Baseball Game
My family at the Angels game
Soccer practice.... where I spend a lot of my time
One of my favorite lunches now-- there are so many different good kinds, I added the avocado 
Moving a desk
What I had to do to get the desk out

What is your Friday Five?


  1. I love girls nights! Glad you got to have one, sounds like you needed it with your busy schedule! Wow! I'd be so overwhelmed!

    I have a craft room which is collecting junk & dust... I need to clean it up and make use of it this winter. Your desk is a great find. So nice!!

  2. Can't wait to see your craft room. So exciting! And wow! That's a lot of soccer! :)

  3. That burger looks amazing! We're about to kick off flag football season so we'll be even busier than normal.

  4. I really wanted to get Carson into soccer or t-ball but I don't know when we would have time. Girl's nights are always a blast!! I can't wait to see what your craft room looks like :D

  5. The Angels are KILLING ME! What is going on??

    Sounds like you're super busy these days. But I personally like busy.

  6. How you got that desk in there in the first place is anything short of amazing! And it's noonish time here... that food, can I just take it and eat it right now myself please? I'm hungry.