Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Five: Back to School Butterflies

Happy Friday!  Join me for Friday 5!  Just share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week. #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. I am pretty sure all of my thoughts are going to be about school this week, since it started yesterday... and my baby is now in school.  All three of my kids, gone for at least half the day.  I was pretty positive I was going to cry, I did not.

2. While I didn't cry- as we were walking into the school and Lucas and Alex were walking ahead and as I held Ryder's hand, it really felt like I was about to leave most of my heart at the school.

3. Thankfully they all had great first days!  The morning was a bit different as not only is there a new road and a roundabout that no one knows how to drive on, but there is also a new principle and rather than the kids being lined up in straight, neat lines by their teachers, it was a bit of a free-for-all and the parents just walked their kids to their classrooms, it was different.

4. When I picked Ryder up his teacher said he lost it a bit at one point, which it sounds like he may have done in a bit of a dramatic fashion when he declared, "coloring, we have to color more? I don't like coloring."   Then in the most ironic of all statements, when I later asked him what is favorite part of the day was, he said 'coloring'.

5. I saw both Lucas' and Alex's teachers from last year, both who said they miss my kids. Alex's former teacher even said I had to have another.  When I reminded her I do have a kindergarten, she got excited and implied she would have to work some magic to ensure she gets him in her class someday.  I love that my kids love school and set a good precedent for their siblings.

5 Pictures
A f'real treat on our last day of summer 


Ryder and his best friend got the same kindergarten teacher 
Alex and her best friend-sadly didn't get the same class this year.
(Oh and Lucas was off running around with this best friend so didn't get a picture)
What is your Friday Five?


  1. EEEEK! It is super crazy to think about school starting back. I want to summer to last longer. Good luck to your kiddos as they begin a new year!

  2. No, your kids can't be those grades... seriously! Tell them to slow down. Maybe if they would, mine would :).