Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ten Things to Smile About This Month

It is officially fall, this month is almost over and a very busy time of year is about to hit us all.  For now, on this last Tuesday of the month, I am going to stop and find 10 Things that made me smile in September.  Join me!  Linky will be open for two weeks.

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Ten Things to Smile About in September

1. This picture- my kids definitely do fight, but in the end they really are there for each other- even cleaning their little brother's face.

2. Spending a weekend in Big Bear.. which I am still yet to blog about.  Throw back Thursday anyone?

3. Beautiful Sunsets

4. Giving two successful talks in church, in two different wards or congregations (well the same talk two different times)

5. Going to the Rose Bowl and cheering on my BYU Cougars, even if we lost.. though just barely!
Football at the Rose Bowl

6. Two awesome thrift store finds and actually getting one all finished!
Dresser Makeover

7. Friends reunited and this adorable picture
Friends on a rainy day

8. The cool blood moon and eclipse.

9. Watching Ryder play soccer
Soccer game

10. Alex getting an assist in her last soccer game, even if I wasn't there to see it.  When both kids have games at the same time, have to divide and conquer.
Not from the game I missed but a cool soccer picture from the week before 
What made you smile this month?


  1. I always love these posts! Great photos. You got a nice shot of the blood moon. Our silly clouds didn't let us see a thing!

  2. Wow, your soccer team has a nice banner and everything. We don't get that fancy around here!

  3. So did Eric have his phone out in that Big Bear picture taking your picture? Just wondering :). Looks like it was a great month although it sucks that you couldn't be there for Alex's last game. Why don't these people just realize/understand people have multiple kids :)

    1. Yes, he sure was. :) I should find his picture and share it too. Even when my kids were in the same soccer league their games would often conflict, but now that they are in different leagues, just luck.

  4. Those are definitely great things to smile about!

  5. Oh man you ate at Del Taco. I miss Del Taco. I never thought I would but I do.

  6. I was so sad about the blood moon because I couldn't see it here because it was cloudy :(