Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday 5: Birthdays, Conference and a Lava Lamp

Happy Friday everyone!  Friday 5 time- 5 thoughts, 5 pictures- easy post to end the week.  Join me!  #Friday 5

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5 Thoughts

1. This has been a crazy busy week! I swear some days I spent most of the day in the car!  But it was also a great week.  I think I am just going to collapse by the end of it.

2. Did the cutest fall mini sessions this week.  My good friend Amanda of Kaleidoscope of Colors actually set the whole thing up!  I love that I get to photograph her cute little guy so often.

3. Lucas had a great birthday, it began with cinnamon rolls, had some donuts in the middle and ended with cake and ice-cream!  He also got some presents but I will tell more about that next week.

4. This last weekend was LDS General Conference and it was pure heaven.  So many great talks that filled me with hope and peace and just a feeling that it is all possible and things will be okay.  I will definitely be sharing some of my favorite thoughts and quotes from it here soon.

5. We had a craft night at church this last week, I knew I would be able to get to projects I signed up for done quickly, so I brought along another project of my own.  I was tracing some decorative paper on one of those wooden letter, was going to cover it and distress it some.... but then I accidentally traced the back side of the B, and it isn't one of those perfectly symmetrical B's-- so guess I will be going back to the store for another piece of paper.

5 Pictures
Cub Scout Awards
Lucas is no longer a Cub Scout- completed it, earned his Arrow of light and is now a Boy Scout 
Pumpkin Patch Photo Shoot
One of the little guys from the mini photo shoot 
Beautiful sunrise to start Lucas' birthday 
Birthday Boy
The Birthday boy! 
Lava Lamp
Lucas wanted a lava lamp for his birthday- we honestly all sat around and watched it forever 

What is your Friday 5 this week?