Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Five: Rain, Student of the Month and a Happy Mom

It is Friday and time for Friday 5.  This has been a proud mama kind of week, so please indulge me as many of my 5 are loving on my kids.

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5 Thoughts
1. It is finally cooler here and I am loving it!  We even had two days of rain, rain that cancelled soccer practice two days in a row!  Eric sent me a picture of flowers as he knew I would be so sad about it.

2. I am all caught up on my photography sessions.. just in time to have 3-4 sessions next week.  Wish me luck.

3. Alex was awarded student of the month yesterday.  She truly is an amazing girl and I am so proud of how well she does at school, the leader she is, the good friend, how hard she works and how kind she is.  It really makes me a very proud mama and wonder how I got blessed with such an amazing daughter.

4. Speaking of proud mama- this week was Parent Teacher conferences for my kids.  I am happy to report that all three are doing wonderfully and each of their teachers adores them.  Lucas' teacher was surprised to hear about some of the problems he had when he began school (anxiety, behavior, etc.) and said she never would have guessed it.  He really has grown and matured so much.

5. Ryder had an assist in his soccer game this weekend; it was on the one goal his team scored.  Right after it he even ran over and said, I had an assist!  He really does understand the game, just needs to get faster and more aggressive.

5 Pictures
Ryder and his best friend on Scarecrow day at school
Unboxing the new AppleTV
Unboxing the new AppleTV
My bold new outfit

Rain clouds coming in
Awesome clouds which brought rain
Student of the Month
Proud of my student of the month! 

What is your Friday 5 this week?


  1. So glad to hear the kids are doing so well in school!

  2. Way to go, Alex!
    I'm so glad all your kids are doing well in school!