Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Party Assassin for Hire

One of the things I love about blogging is the connection I have made with so many great authors out there.  Previously I reviewed Death's Academy by Michael Bast.  When Michael contacted me asking if I would review his newest book, I quickly agreed.

Fremont Rosenbloom: Party Assassin for Hire 

Have someone you want revenge on?  Want a party ruined, a special occasion to go all wrong- then Fremont is the boy to hire.

Life has never been easy for Fremont; from his mother's death to his father leaving him all on his own, the odds have never been in his favor.  Thanks to a shady neighbor, and a new "business" Fremont is barely making it by. Fremont does have a few good friends in his corner and wishes he could live a different life, but the cards life have dealt him have left him cornered in.

I loved how unique this story was, not only from the overall plot but the things that Fremont is interested in and elements that are brought into the story, like professional croquet.  I found myself rooting for Fremont and wanting to smack him upside the head all at the same time; so the author did a great job making a character who you want to root for yet almost believe he should fail at the same time.

A bit of the overall story just feels unbelievable, yet it isn't so far out there that you can't help but wonder if this all could actually happen.  It was an interesting dynamics of feelings while I read the book.

It is a clean book in that the subject matter is more PG-13 it is free of strong language, intense graphic imagery or intense sexuality.

So congrats to Michael on another great book.  

You can find his newest book on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book to review, all opinions and feelings are my own. 

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