Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Teaching Athletes to be Moral Warriors

If you follow me on Twitter, especially on a game day, it is no surprise that I am a huge BYU football fan.  Growing up when my Dad would turn on football, I didn't really like it.  Then in Junior High when we played flag football in PE and I began to understand the rules, a trickle of enjoyment began to form.  Then my freshmen year at BYU sealed the deal, I was a fan.

When Brock Lance Richardson (a former BYU football player) contacted me and asked if I would review his book Latter Day Warriors Stepping into your Spiritual Strength, I quickly agreed.

The Book
Discover the spiritual warrior in you! Based on the belief that every soul has a spiritual warrior within, author Brock Lance Richardson interviews ten men he met through BYU football. Each reveals what it takes to become physically and spiritually strong, while their wives describe what it means to be a “warrior” for young women. Perfect for youth and young adults, this entertaining and spiritually uplifting read will teach you how to build spiritual stamina and to use your inner warrior for good.

My Review:
  I love that in a day filled with stories of athletes partying, committing crimes and getting away with it-- that a different standard can and should be set for those star athletes.  I love that this book highlights athletes who are tying to live their lives differently, better.  
   The book isn't just for athletes though, it is for all youth and teenagers; the author wants them to be able to recognize the potential and strength they have within themselves, their warrior spirit battling for good.  
   Something fun and unique about this book is not only did the author interview the athletes but their wives; it is fun to see the other side of things and their perspectives and how they work together to support each other.  
   This is definitely a book I will be giving my son (and my daughter) to read in their teenage years.  It will have a strong appeal to boys that love football and will leave them wanting to reach for and a be a little more, a better person.  

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