Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kids Refuse The Craziest Things

Kids are funny.   Sometimes they seem to cry for no apparent reason.  Sometimes they will refuse to do something you know they will like.

My kids love orange chicken, I mean love it!  It is one of those meals that I make that they all get really excited about and I never seem to make enough, as they just want more and more.

For a couple of months now Eric and I have been telling the kids we should go to Panda Express for dinner.  This suggestion has been met with tears and crying and squeals of noooo!

We told them, they have good orange chicken, you all like orange chicken; yet they continued to protest.

A couple of weeks ago, on Friday night, as we all got in the car, the usual chorus of 'where are we going?' began.

Eric and I just smiled at each other and didn't say anything.  Should we tell them?  Would that make it worse? Or were we setting ourselves up for disaster?  "Some place fun." I answered.

"Chuck-E-Cheese, John's Incredible Pizza..." the kids began rattling off all of the fun places they could think of.

"Maybe fun wasn't the right word." Eric replied.

We pulled into the parking lot and then they knew, we were going to Panda Express.

"No!" the wails began.

One child  (who I won't name to save them from shame) was even saying they were not going to go in and had the tears to match their feelings.

Finally after a few minutes, once the tears and tantrums stopped, we all went into the restaurant.

To make a long story short, they loved it.  They all loved it and were so happy to have their orange chicken, and now they are asking when we can go again.

Ah, parenting.  When you can make kids cry doing something they like.


  1. Haha this so reminds me of my kids. I constantly will fix something that they previously liked but they all of the sudden have no recollection of it and refuse to even try it. Then of course when I tell them they have to eat it, "This is good, Mama!" Parenting is definitely fun! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, yes. Chris's kids do this ALL THE TIME. They don't want to do whatever we're doing or go wherever we're going and then they ending up totally loving it. It makes me want to scream! But instead I just smile and revel in the joys of getting to say, "I told you so."

  3. At least your kids refuse NORMAL things. My kids turn down pie, cake that is not chocolate, and candy that is not familiar...i.e. gourmet.

  4. This sounds just like my daughter!! She claims to hate Panda Express, but she eats the same food at any other restaurant!

  5. My kids are the same way! Just this week I made the middle child stay at the table until he ate his chicken (which I know he loves.) I wasn't sure he ever would, but all of the sudden he said, "I'm finished!" He cleaned his plate that night, then cleaned me out of chicken completely last night!

    Now, God forbid I make homemade macaroni and cheese! *eyeroll*