Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five: A Million Dollars, Muffins and a Tied Game

Happy Friday everyone!   Yesterday was a crazy busy day so I never did post, but I am back today with Friday 5; sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week.  #Friday5

5 Thoughts

1. Alex had an exciting soccer game last week, they tied 5-5, it was just crazy back and forth.  I think she played one of her best games since joining club, had the time not run out in the first half, she may have scored a goal.

2. It was a happy mommy moment when I dropped my kids off at school and Lucas very clearly said "I love you."  Love that he still says that, even at school drop off.

3. There is something kind of nice about having a free day and being able to shop and wander from one store to the next.  On Tuesday Ryder went to his friend's house after school, so I had the day to shop (found a new dress for the Hospital fundraiser) and just didn't have to worry about hurrying home.

4. Yesterday I got up extra early so I could go over to the school with the kids for Muffins with Moms.  The PTA hosted the event and it was just what it sounded like, a breakfast of muffins that you could eat with your mom at the school, it was fun and worth getting up early.

5. Last night Eric and I attended a fundraiser for a children's hospital.  It was a black-tie optional event, so we got all dressed up and had a great night.  We have gone to events like these in the past, but this was the best, the food was amazing and the Silhouettes (the ones that were on America's got Talent) performed and it was stunning, plus over $1.3 million dollars was raised for the hospital.

5 Pictures
Daddy's girl
Getting a piggy back ride into her soccer game
Siblings helping each other clean their rooms
She volunteered to help him clean his room
Eating a snack at the mall
Sitting at the mall enjoying a pretzel 
Muffins for Moms
Muffins for Mom day- we already ate our muffins at this point
Dressed up for Hospital Fundraiser
All dressed up for our night out

What is your Friday 5?


  1. I love when I get un-hurried time to myself. I almost don't know what to do with it! Our school also does the "donuts for dads" and "muffins for moms." I think it's a nice little thing!

  2. You both looked great, but you looked GORGEOUS my friend. So awesome they raised so much!

  3. The second one made me smile! What a sweet boy!
    Love the last two pictures. You look beautiful in both!!!