Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Five: Airplanes, Game Night and the Book Fair

Happy Friday everyone!  Join me every week with a great way to recap the week and share those little things that didn't get a post of their own.  It's Friday 5! #Friday5

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5 Thoughts

1. Right now while you are reading this, I am probably on a plane!  I am flying to Salt Lake for the Power of Mom's board meeting, I run their twitter feed.  I love being part of the Power of Moms, it really is one of those sites that helps you enjoy motherhood, feel like you can succeed and gives you practical ideas how to do so.

2. Eric gets to do the school drop-offs and soccer on his own this weekend, I know he will do great and it is always good to switch roles at times as it helps you appreciate what the other does.... though they won't let me go to work for him for some reason.

3. I have a friend that has invited Eric and I to a game night they host.  The first time it was last minute so we didn't have time to get a babysitter.  The second time it was my MIL's last day in town, then this last week- four different babysitters I called and no-luck.  I think she is going to stop inviting us if we keep up this record.  One of the babysitters I called was available and really excited to babysit the next night however, so we missed the game night, but the next night enjoyed a dinner and movie out.

4. I helped out at the Book Fair this week, such a dangerous place for me.. I want to buy everything!

5. When you are packing for just yourself and not the entire family, wow it is easy!

5 Pictures
Dinner at Paul Martins
Our yummy food on our date night
Silly kids
Silly kids
Ice cream for family night
We like ice-cream 
Homework problems
When your siblings are done with their homework but you are not
Newborn photo Shoot
Got this gallery sent off for the parents to view right before I took off! 

What is your Friday 5?

1 comment:

  1. I hope you had a great trip and a good weekend. That's a bummer about the babysitter woes!