Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday 5: Marriage, Running and Begging For Money

Friday 5 Time!  I have been doing Friday 5's for a while now, and while I am going to continue to do them, as it is great way to recap the week and share the little things that don't need a post of their own, this will be the last week it is a link-up.  You are welcome to do Friday 5's of course, I just am not going to make it a link-up anymore.

5 Thoughts

1. Yesterday Eric and I celebrated 15 years of marriage!  He came home with beautiful red roses for me and then we went out for a super yummy dinner.  We were going to hit a movie but dinner ran too long, so instead we just did some shopping, I got shoes and he got socks (so exciting I know!).  We are going to continue our celebration next week when the grandparents are in town to watch the kids.

2. My kids swim lessons are now over; they all did great and Ryder is totally swimming!  He made it all the way across the pool, just having to stop in the middle by his teacher to catch his breath super fast and then swam the rest of the way.  So happy!

3. I am now one of the team managers on Alex's soccer team and holy cow, there is a lot of busy work with it! Once we get officially trained and the season is underway I think it won't be quite as bad, but for now there is so much shuffling of teams, and fundraising, it is crazy.

4. Alex and I started running together this week.   We ran 1 1/2 miles the first day.. or I should say "ran"-- i.e. ran than walked.  She could have ran the whole thing, me not as much.  Made me wonder how in the world I used to run 5 miles every Saturday!  I so need to get back in shape.

5.. Speaking of fundraising, this is where I turn to all of you my wonderful friends and ask for your help-- it is super easy I promise!  There is a site PearUp- where basically if we get enough clicks and shares our team will get $1000!  So please spend 1 minute going over and clicking some of the links, even if you don't get all of the links and share possibilities we still get money.
  So please please, go here to and click!!

And if you are feeling really generous, we have a GoFundMe page where you can donate any amount.  There are a lot of girls who truly have financial needs and this money will go to pay for uniforms and tournaments, so that their overall cost is a lot less.  So donate in honor of player #34!

5 Pictures

Running with my daugther


Popsicles in the pool

Meat and cheese appetizer
Appetizer before our anniversary meal
Out to dinner for Anniversary
Out to dinner for our Anniversary 

What is your Friday 5?