Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Five: Fish Fire, Family, Finding Dory

Is this thing on?  You might be asking me that, that as I sort of dropped of this week.  My parents came into town and Eric and I are getting away for a couple of days to celebrate our 15th Anniversary, so I definitely have not been around a lot, but I did want to come do a quick Friday 5

5 Thoughts

1. I love having family in town, but it sure does throw your regular routine off!  But that really is a good thing every once in a while.  I have been trying to just unplug and really be there.

2. Alex had a scrimmage at soccer practice last night; some of our girls were out of town so we were short and had no subs, but we still won 9-6! It was a crazy high scoring game; we were playing on a short field.  Most of their points came in the second half when our girls were worn out (the other team did have three subs).

3. We went up to Oak Glen with my parents for a day and right there walking around by everyone was a mama bear and two cubs, it was pretty crazy!  We had fun at the petting zoo, though the darn goats totally bombarded Ryder trying to get the corn we had to feed them.  At the little animal museum, Alex was the only brave one who wanted to hold a snake.

4. We saw Finding Dory over the weekend, it was really cute, my kids all liked it.  It is crazy how expensive it is to take our entire family to the theater, especially since we always have to buy treats.

5. The fires are far enough away that we are totally safe, but on Monday the winds blew all the smoke our way and holy cow it made the sun look crazy, plus there was ash falling from the sky.  Hoping they get the fires out quickly!

5 Pictures
Blood red sun
The sun through the smoke of the fires
Girl holding snake
Alex was the only one brave enough to hold the snake
Family at Oak Glen
My parents and the my kids
Trying to catch the wagon ride, Oak Glen
He wanted to pose like this- trying to pretend like he was trying to catch the wagon

What was your favorite part of your week?


  1. So glad you are enjoying your family!!!

  2. Oak Glen! You should have swung by my work and said hi. :-) I work in Yucaipa.