Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Five: Hugs, The Beach and Middle School

Happy Friday! It is a crazy busy one with photo-editing, grocery shopping and packing for a weekend getaway; in a few weeks I will be able to breath again, I think.  I did take a break to stop and share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures from the week for Friday 5.

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5 Thoughts

1. So I realized something- I forgot my own meme!  I forgot to do 10 Things to Smile About this month on Tuesday!  So I will share it this upcoming Tuesday, so please join me!

2. Every night before Ryder goes to bed he gives me kisses and hugs and then will blow me kisses and always says "I love you Mommy" I hope this doesn't stop anytime soon.

3. We actually made it to the beach again this week.  This is only the second time we have gone the entire summer.  I think everyone assumes if you live in Southern California you go to the beach all the time, but when you live in a hour inland (without traffic)- it really can be a process to get there.

4. Lucas went to middle school orientation yesterday.  Got his P.E. clothes and lock and everything.  I cannot believe I am going to have a middle schooler!  He was 4 when I started my blog.

5. Alex had a scrimmage last night; it was a tough night for her at goalie and the hardest she has taken it in a long time.  Here's hoping next week is better.

5 Pictures
playing board games
Took a break from editing pictures to play a game with my kids
double yolk
It's twins! 
Funny dress up clothes
Quite the outfit he was wearing for a skit he and Alex put on
Mom and kids
Lunch run in our pajamas 
Beach Day
Do you have any fun weekend plans? 

1 comment:

  1. I got an egg with two yolks once. So cool!

    And...yeah...I haven't actually been to the beach once this entire summer, despite the fact that I live 20 minutes away and drive past it all the time. I lose at California-ing.