Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Five: Big Bear, School and an International Photographer

Happy Friday everyone!  It's Friday five time!

5 Thoughts

1.  When the week starts of with a trip to the ER it kind of puts the whole week in a tail spin.  I am so glad we have a three day weekend.

2. I always realize how early my kids start school when I am seeing all of thees back to school pictures this week.  We have been in since the beginning of August- we almost have an entire month down already.

3. I went and helped the PTA with the school fundraiser this week.  Last year I was at the school at least once a week helping out; this year Ryder's class has a ton of parents who can and want to help out so I will only be helping out a couple of days in the month.  I honestly am kind of sad about it,  realizing how nice it was to be known by the kids and to just really know what is going on in the classroom.  Though I have been so busy with photoshoots that I have no idea how I would get it all done if I was at the school a lot.

4. We had a great weekend in Big Bear-- I still need to blog about it, I realized I have not even blogged about last year's trip to Big Bear! How does that happen??

5. Speaking of photoshoots this is my intentional week-- Monday I photographed twins who's parents are actually from China, a surrogate mother delivered them here in the States but the babies will be going back soon.  Then this Saturday I have a beach shoot with a family from Canada that is down here on vacation.  Craziness!

5 Pictures
Swimming at Big Bear
Riding on a boat
Huge donut
Newborn twins
At Urgent Care

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