Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Bike I Didn't Get for Christmas

As a child, Christmas is just magical.  Growing up we would always draw a name for which sibling we were going to buy a present, when there is 6 kids you really almost have to do it that way.  It was always so exciting wondering who's name we would get that year, wondering who had your own name.  

I remember one year I really wanted a bike.  This was not a sibling gift, but my main present, probably one of the few presents I got that year.  

My old bike had been a hand me down from my brothers- green and black and definitely showing it's age. One night when I didn't put it away, leaving it in the front yard, which I had probably done many times before, it got stollen- that old green and black boys bike was never seen again.  I can't say I was totally sad about that.

I wanted a real bike, a girls bike.  

It was the one thing I asked for, so I had a feeling I would get it.

Christmas morning came.  I woke up early, as I always did, having to then try and patiently wait for the rest of my family to wake up.  My oldest brother was the worst, we employed all kinds of trick over the years to try to get him out of bed on Christmas morning.

Finally, it was time for presents.  I ran into the family room, where our tree was that year and looked around, disappointed that I didn't see a bike, even stating such outlaid to my family.

My family all began to laugh.

"What is funny?" I asked.

"You didn't get a bike?" they asked, "are you sure?"
Me 1980 something with my new bike on Christmas morning
As you see, right in front of the tree, covered in a sheet was a very big present, a very obvious bike.  

I have no idea how I missed it as it was literally right in front of the tree.

This is one of those memories I will never forget of past Christmases. One of those things I will always remember, kind of the like the "Best bother" sign I made my for my brother, spelling never was my strong suite.  

Did you have a present you really wanted as a child?


  1. Yes I wanted a power wheels car! My parents refused it so I used every friends on the street . So funny

  2. Hahaha! That's so funny!

    There was a year I desperately wanted a bike, but I had a Christmas Story moment when I met Santa Clause and forgot to ask for one. For WEEKS afterward, I bugged my mom over worries that I had forgotten to tell Santa I wanted a bike. On Christmas morning, there was a brand new bike in front of the tree. For my brother. I was devastated. Actually, I was probably pretty bratty and crying. My dad asked me to go get a garbage bag from the garage for the wrapping paper. So I open the door, grab a bag and go back inside. My dad asked if there was anything in the garage. I was confused. But when I opened the door again, there was a Strawberry Shortcake bike sitting right there! Best Christmas ever.