Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Five: Smoked Cheese, Rain Rain Go Away, The Temple

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It's Friday!  My kids have been a bit sick all week and I think I may finally be getting it, so I am glad it is almost the weekend, though this weekend is so full of stuff I might not get much extra rest anyway... oh the life of a mother.

5 Thoughts

1. We had so much rain this weekend it was crazy!  Our area only gets about 16 inches of rain a year, and on Sunday we had three of those inches.  It really rained almost all weekend and of course the hardest at school pick up time it seemed.  We are getting a break from the rain now, but now we have the winds.

2. I passed 5,000 followers on Instagram this week!  I am pretty excited as I really do love sharing pictures, so happy to see growth and the interaction there.

3. Alex had her last indoor game of the season on Saturday, they lost but she played a great game.  She played keeper the entire time.  Her team has a few more games, but unfortunately they are all on Sunday and she doesn't play on Sundays.

4. On Saturday Eric cold smoked some cheese, we had to then wait a few days until we could eat it, but it was so yummy!  Buying him that Traeger was the best thing I could have ever done!

5.  Have you ever felt like there has to be more to this life and like you aren't quite home?   I never feel more like I am home and right where I should be as when I go to the Temple.  I  am reminded of what the purpose of this life really is and just feel so at peace, at ease.  So greatful for the opportunity to attend the Temple.

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Indoor Soccer


Smoked Cheese



What are your weekend plans?

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