Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Five: When Family Visits, Museum and the Insta Pot

It's Friday!  Which means one thing on my blog-- it's Friday 5 Time!  Every Friday I share 5 thoughts and 5 pictures to recap the week.  It is the perfect way to document those little things that don't need a whole post of their own.

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5 Thoughts

1. Our company is all gone... the kids aren't back in school yet, they go back Monday, but I am not ready for any of it.  I miss the company and really loving sleeping in until 8:00 AM every morning, and yes when you are a parent 8 is definitely sleeping in.

2. We had fun going out to lunch with my sister and her family and my parents... except for the fact that it took almost a hour to get our food and then my dinner was about 10 minutes after everyone else got their food... thankfully they did give me my meal for free.

3. We put away all of our Christmas stuff.  I did not like doing it.  The day after it was put away everything looked so blah.  Now I am glad for everything being cleaned and less stuff.

4. When my parents were here, we went down to the this funny small museum.  It was one I had gone to with Alex on a field trip when she was in preschool. I wasn't quite sure how much everyone would like it, but it was actually a ton of fun and now we want to buy an old cheap microwave that we can do some "experiments" in.... even if they might have said you shouldn't do this at home!

5. I used my InstaPot for the first time this week!  Let's just say the first time didn't go so well... the second time though was great!

5 Pictures
Mother and son
out to eat with family


hot air ballon

fun kids museum


  1. I just got an Instantpot too! I need to try it husband just did eggs and they were awesome!

    1. Did he do hardboiled eggs? I have heard those are great in it, might have to try