Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring Home Decor

--this is a sponsored post, all feelings and opinions are my own--
We have had a lot of rain in California this winter, it is a good thing as we desperately need it, but I really am starting to want some sunshine back.

I am picturing days back at the pier, days at the beach... until we make it back, I will just have to bring the beach and some sunshine to my home.

First-- fresh flowers.  Flowers automatically bring a pop of color and beauty to your home and they definitely scream spring.
Some of my favorite spring flowers
I'm also bringing some sunshine to my house with some new home decor for my living room.

I grew up in Illinois, but have lived in California for many years now and it definitely feels like home, which is why I love this personalized pillow that I got from Shutterfly.
california pillow

We love going to the beach, the sun, the fresh air, the ocean breeze... now if only the sand would magically all stay at the beach, it gets everywhere, which is why this Ocean Breeze Candle is perfect, the wonderful scent without the sand.
ocean breeze candle

I love how just little things, little accessories can make a place feel new.
Family pictures
I want my family to feel love and happiness in our home.  I want it to be a place of happiness and sunshine.  My home won't necessarily ever be one for the magazines, but it will be a place where I take the little bit of extra time, buy those special things, that make it not just a house but our home.
shutterfly home decor


  1. Isn't Shutterfly the best? I get personalized gifts from there every year for Christmas.

  2. Love personalized gifts so much.

  3. I love the personalized pillow! I've been updating our home decor this year and throw pillows have definitely been a major purchase of mine. I might have to make a personalized pillow for one of our couches!