Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Five: Summer Time, The Beach and Soccer

Happy Friday everyone!  It is officially summer time for us!  Which I cannot believe!

5 Thoughts

1. School's out!! Yesterday was my kids' last day.  It was a very interesting week, with Alex getting sick and missing school on Monday, her first and only absence all year; and then Lucas missing two days including his last day of school.  It has definitely made the week feel very odd and funny.

2. Alex's soccer team competed in the finals of Spring Cup, they won the first game-- Alex even almost scored a goal, and then lost the second but ended up in second place.  We were so proud of the girls.

3. Eric is officially back to work with his new company and has been so happy all week.  It is good to see him happy in his work again.

4. I had a vacation beach shoot this week, it made me wish we lived a little closer to the beach, it would be fun to just go and walk the empty beaches in the morning.

5. Alex and I had a great girls night while the boys were at the Father's and Son's Campout.  She has been dying to go to the Cheesecake Factory and we finally made it there.

5 Pictures
girls night

spring cup soccer

first grade teacher

beach photo shoot
friend swim party

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  1. Yay for summer vacation! Can't wait to see all the fun adventures you get up to!