Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Five: BYU Fan fest, Scout Camp, Summer Brain

Happy Friday everyone!  Another good week, though I am experiencing the summer brain....

5 Thoughts

1. I definitely have summer brain, each day blending together, forgetting which day it is... which is probably why we missed the first pool day.  All week I kept thinking pool day was on Wednesday, even though it was right there on my calendar.  Tuesday afternoon finally realized we missed it.

2. Ryder and Alex had games that overlapped this weekend, so we had to divide and conquer.  And of course the week I wasn't there, Alex had one of the best games ever.  Though Ryder, who I was watching actually had his best game too, even making a catch.

3. Lucas has been gone at scout camp all week.  He was nervous about going for an entire week but seems to be having a great time.  I must admit, I am really grateful for technology and that he has been able to text us an occasional update as to how he is doing.

4. This week my kids started making dinner.  We sat down at the beginning of the week and they each picked out a dinner they wanted to make.  It has been great and it definitely makes me feel like a good mama.

5. Last night at a baby shower, someone brought up that I was writing a book.  I was asked about it and then told that I have to finish it by Christmas.  I half-heartily agreed... but yes I want to do it! I really want to finally finish it.  So time to get serious about it.

5 Pictures

BYU fan Fest

backwards shirt

making cookies

making dinner

At the park

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