Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Five: Beach, Angry and Soccer

Happy Friday everyone!  Sharing 5 thoughts and 5 pictures to recap the week.

5 Thoughts

1. I want to cry.  I have been writing this blog for a very long time.  Several years ago I used to upload my pictures to Photobucket to share here, four years worth of pictures. Since 2011, my pictures have been hosted there.  Well they recently decided to charge for hosting pictures on a 3rd party show, or to show up on my blog.  No warning, just started doing this.  And what will it cost, $500 a year for my pictures to show up here!  So I will be slowly be downloading those pictures one post at a time and re-uploading to old posts.  It makes me sick all that is missing.  So please excuse the missing pictures on old posts, it will take me a while to fix it.

2. Soccer started up again this week.  It was a bitter sweet thing.  I love Alex's team, just not ready to get back into the swing of things... including school which is starting really soon!

3. We went to the beach twice this week, with Eric and then later with my sister.  We have gone to the beach more this summer than I think we did the last two summer's combined.  It has been a lot of fun. Ryder even tried boogie boarding, first time was a fail as the waves were crazy, but then when we went with my sister it totally worked!

4. Other than going to the beach and soccer, we have had kind of a lazy week.  I will miss summer.

5. Eric and I have made it all the way to the letter Q in our eating the alphabet.  It has made for so many fun date nights!

5 Pictures
playing in the ocean with dad



selfie at beach

Reading a cookbook


  1. Oh, no! I am so sorry about the Photobucket thing. That is terrible! And so much work. I'm currently doing the same with my older posts where my pictures have been hosted on Flickr. I'm always worried something will change there, too, and I would much rather have my photos hosted on the plan I have with Wordpress. Speaking of that, have you considered switching to Wordpress instead? I pay like $5 a month and have unlimited storage for photos, posts, etc. Would be a good time to switch since you're going to have to do all this work anyway...

  2. P.S. I realize that just sounded really sales-pitchy - ha! Definitely not trying to force you into Wordpress, just thought if you ever thought you might switch, now would def be the time since you're already having to go back and fix old posts anyway!

  3. This Photobucket thing is totally making me mad. NO WARNING AT ALL. Just, randomly, some of my photos just vanished with that stupid banner thing. Ugh!

    I need to spend more time at the beach to calm myself down...