Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday Five: Spring Break, Temple, Cousins

Happy Friday everyone!  I am back with Friday 5!

5 Thoughts

1. I kind of fell off the grid there a bit, missed a week with spring break then last week just never got to the Friday 5.   It has been a fun and crazy couple of weeks.

2. We spent spring break with Eric's family as his little sister and her family were in town.  It was sort of like our yearly summer reunion just in the spring time.  The girls would have been perfectly happy and fine just hanging out together the entire time.  Each is the only girl in their family and so love spending time together.  We call them the Big Three.  The boys get along great too, but definitely need some more structured activities at times.

3. Alex had several soccer games, including the first one that she was not able to play in.  Utah needed one more form for her to be technically released from her California team (though she already had been), it was a big headache a lot of last minute calls and tears, but she was able to play in the second game.

4. Alex also had three bands concerts this week (one of which she missed because of soccer).  It was sort of surreal and really awesome seeing her up there playing the flute.  Many of my favorite memories from high school revolve around band.

5. Eric and I got the Movie Pass, where for $10 a month you can see up to one movie a day.  We love it and on the weekends after the kids go to bed usually go and see a movie.  We have seen way more movies than we otherwise would have.  Including the Quiet Place, the first scary movie I have seen in many years.  I really liked it.

5 Pictures 
extended family eating out

silly masks


cousins at Jordan River Temple Open House


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