Thursday, December 25, 2008

The best ever!

Maybe it's because of the age of my kids.... maybe it was because of the fire....maybe it was the gingerbread houses.... I don't know what it was for sure, probably a little bit of everything but this year was the best Christmas Eve I can remember in a long time.
It probably all started when Eric was able to come home from work early, Dad is always the best to play with. Then when we went out to eat that was nice, taking a break from cooking is always appreciated. We came home and started a fire in the fire place. This is the first home that has had a fireplace, and I tell you there really is just something magical about sitting by a fire as a family, telling the Christmas story, dancing and just having fun.

We then continued the fun by making gingerbread houses. We took the easy route out and used graham crackers, but we still got some pretty good houses.

The whole evening was filled with excitement as Lucas knew Santa would be coming that night. We even tracked his progress online. This truly is a magical time of year.

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