Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The white fluffy stuff

As a little girl I LOVED snow! Now, I know most little kids love snow but I think I might of been ahead of the rest. I remember sitting by our big picture window watching the sky hoping that it would snow. I remember staying up to watch the weather forecast on the news as I wanted it to snow so badly. I love how it makes the ugly brown of winter disappear. I loved when it would coat the trees. I was a paper girl and loved being the first one out in the morning and seeing the undisturbed snow with not a single print in it.

My dad used to always say, 'as soon as you start driving you won't like snow'. But you know what I did! I even had a few times were I slid off the road because of black ice but I still loved snow! Even when I went off to college I remember sitting on my bed with my face to the window watching the snow come down.

But then something happened....well I guess some things happened. First, I had Lucas. Now with the cold came bundling up in many many layers. Playing in the snow was fun for him for about twenty minutes (the same amount of time it took him to get dressed in his snow clothes) but then he was done. Then we moved to Arizona. I must admit that first New Years Day when we were outside in t-shirts, I loved it! And today two days before Christmas, we went to the park and played for two hours. We all wore lite jackets, but took them off about halfway through our play. I loved it.

So that fluffy white stuff, well I guess I just don't miss it that much. Now I must admit that as I have been writing this I did feel a little ting of sadness...but then when I talk with my mom and she says it is getting up to 20 degrees in Illinois today.
Yeah, you guys can have keep your fluffy white stuff.

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