Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Goodbye denial!

Maybe it's due to buyers remorse (I spent too much money at Target), maybe it's the fact I'm living surrounded by boxes, maybe it's the partially to mostly cloudy days we have had since moving here (I am so not used to that coming from AZ), maybe it's the fact that Lucas got invited to a party and I am worried about us dropping him off as he has never even met the birthday boy (nor have I), but it has hit me.....

I have moved!

I am no longer by my friends.

I feel alone and very sad.

Up to this point I have lived in the sweet drug of denial. Even at my going away party it felt like just a group of girls having a ladies night out--and I liked it that way. I even told my friends not to feel offended if it didn't seem like I was going to miss them--it was just hope I cope.

Well guess what, I miss you all!!

Now I am sure over the next little while I will be feeling good again. I will make friends, the boxes will soon all be gone, there will be some totally sunny days...
just right now, it feels good to feel sad.

It is good to feel human and to miss and be missed.

Friends are the reason I started this blog--this is the reason I am following my friends blogs (which most of you really need to update).

Life is good--I am taking it one day at a time--this is just a sad day.

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