Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Major Withdrawl coming!

Okay, so tomorrow is the big day, we are supposed to get all of our stuff at our new house tomorrow!! It will be nice to be able to get settled into our new place, especially with Christmas coming up. I so want to get my Christmas stuff up; though I guess I really need to get things like my room, the kids room, the kitchen set up first.
I realized today that with the move into our new house I am not going to have the Internet for a few days! We aren't getting out Internet set up until Tuesday. Now this really shouldn't matter that much as I will be busy unpacking... but just the thought of not being able to check my e-mail and not check whatever else I may want to waste my time on makes me shudder. It makes me want to check it that much more. It is just like when the power goes out you suddenly realize how much you use it.
Oh well, it will be good, I will get more unpacked that way, play more with my kids that way; just hopefully I will be sane when all is said and done. :)

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