Saturday, December 13, 2008

We're helping the economy!

Shopping! It feels like that is I all I have done lately. We spent over an hour at Walmart today. By some miracle/blessing the kids did great. I now need to run to Toys R Us and Target.. and the store that is having a great sale on patio furniture. Eric has a couple of stores he has to go to himself.... so I have determined we are helping the economy.

Also, Eric told me something interesting the other day that he found in someone else's blog. The government with all their stimulus bailouts they are giving... if instead of giving the 85 billion dollar bailout to AIG if they divided up the money and gave some to each adult over 18, assuming there 200,000,000 adults (our population is about 301,000,000 +/- counting every man, woman and child).

So divide the $85 billion between the 200 million adults and that equals $425,000 per person. Of course nothing is tax free, so tax this amount at 30% and that would send $25,5000,000,000 right back to the Government--which would leave each individual with about $297,500. So a married couple would get $595,000.

What would you do with almost $600,000???

Would you pay off your house, there ends the housing crisis... go buy a new car? The auto dealers are now out of trouble. Pay for your parents' medical insurance--health care improves. But leave it to the government to meddle with things and not really make things any better. Instead they are just getting control and power over all the businesses and things still suck.

Has anyone ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand... I have.

All I can say, is I am glad I have food storage!


  1. The stat is just a little bit off...actually quite a bit off. 85 billion is 85,000,000,000. 2004 Census puts the adult population at 217.8 million, which is 217,800,000. Mind you, my population number is old, so my math will be give each person more money then using present numbers. Divide 85,000,000,000 by 217,800,000 and you get

    $390.27 per adult. The number your husband heard, someone misplaced a decimal place.

    As to what I would do with that much money in your origional example, I would:

    1) Buy the new house we have wanted with cash.
    2) Buy a new tv because the new house would demand a new big screen high def.
    3) Food Storage
    4) Buy a Wii
    5) Buy a second computer
    6) Bank the rest.

    We blew a big chunk of it on the new house. When the current house sold, we would have a nice infusion of cash, but I would bank that too. When you buy a nice house with cash, $600,000 doens't go that far! ;)

  2. Too bad... though not like the government would do that anyways.

    $390 per person isn't nearly as good