Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A little thing....

I realized I have been neglecting my blog lately... and it is all due to a little thing called facebook. My friends have been on it for a while now. They have sent me regular reminders and promptings to join. It has been one of those things that I always figured, no just a waste of time and no need for it... I already talk with everyone I want to.

Well.... I am now eating my words. I love it! It has been lots of fun reminiscing over old pictures, finding old acquaintances and being able to find out information about my high school reunion!

It has made me wonder why do people go on Facebook? Boredom? Curiosity? The desire to see how much better your life is than everyone else you know?? Hopefully not that last one.

It has been quite the trip down memory lane. And while I am definitely talking with old friends I would not otherwise have, I am talking to my friends who I already kept in touch with even more.

The internet is a crazy and marvelous thing.

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