Thursday, January 29, 2009

New discoveries

One of the great things about moving is being able to discover new things. So far we have had good luck: a duck pond, a great outlet mall with kids crafts, a little over a hour to the ocean.... Well today we decided to try out the local library.

Ever since Lucas was little we have been going to the library. Our first library had a bin of board books for little ones along with all of the other kids books. Lucas would stand there fingering through the books and find any that had pictures of cars or trucks. The library also had a reading area for kids complete with a little cave they could climb through. This was a small library in a small town but it was wonderful.

Our next library was in a bigger city and had rows and rows of books. It had three shelves of board books that were now perfect for Alex. It also had puzzles and a few other fun toys to play with.

So today we went with high anticipation. The library looks new from the outside and when we first entered we were just as impressed. We headed to the kids section. There were A LOT of books and little tables and chairs for the kids to sit at.... but no board books, no toys to divert attention while I try and pick out some good stories. Plus it just felt a little crowded. It definitely felt designed for older kids.

I am sure we will continue to go as we love reading but I just had my first disappointment from our new town. But don't worry I am still happy to be here.

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  1. Oh bummer! Hopefully the kids will still enjoy it and you'll get to find books too. That's how I feel about our library. There are some board books, but not very many especially since most of them are always checked out.