Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweet Toast

I grew up eating wheat toast. Not the grainy wheat with little chunks in it, but just simple wheat toast. My mom felt very good feeding us that as white bread was what they fed prisoners, or so she would tell us. A funny thing has happened, as my siblings and I have gotten older most of us now eat white bread. I guess it was a treat that she never let us have so now we all eat it. But I think just about anyone must admit, certain things such as grilled cheese definitely taste better on a good white bread.

My mother-in-law is the epitome of healthy eating. She eats fresh fruits and vegetables daily, she hardly eats sweets and when she does she cuts the sugar in half and she does not eat white bread. Whenever she comes to visit I buy her a loaf of bread that she likes. The last time they came to visit there was a brand of healthy bread on sale for $.99! So I happily bought it.

Well as anyone that has kids knows, something about what Grandma and Grandpa does is intriguing and wonderful. So Melidee would make herself toast and the kids would want pieces of it, they would usually just about eat the whole thing. Lucas loved Grandma's "Sweet Toast" as he would call it. Now I am not sure why he started calling it this. I think he may have just misunderstood when she called it wheat toast.

Lucas is now hooked. Anytime he has toast, which with this boy is just about every day, he wants his sweet toast. One time I made the mistake of buying a different brand that had some chunks of grain and he informed me he did not want that wheat toast, he wanted his sweet toast!

So now not only do we buy two types of milk (better than three that we used to buy) but we buy two types of bread; white toast for mom and sweet toast for Lucas.


  1. That is so funny. Grandparents are the best! I grew up on white bread but now hate it and call it "chemical bread." I don't buy bread from the store either except the occassional wheat bread from Costco, since we like the taste/texture of homemade better. Although, I did buy it when I was pregnant. Trying to make a fresh loaf of bread every couple of days just didn't seem worth it then. :)

  2. We are on wheat bread now. It is healthier for you and we just made the switch to it a while back. Kids didn't much care. We are really practical when it comes to stuff like that, accept what we bought or don't eat. The only other options is spend your allowance and buy your own, so they just give up and eat what we buy!

    And two types of milk?!?!? What milk are you buying? Your kids are old enough (I think?) that they don't need Vitamin D anymore. Are you refusing to give up and make the switch to Skim Milk and still drining the 2% that we used to drink? I did that for a long time and then gave up and just switched so now we only have 1 type of milk. Of course my change was motivated by Shelley complaining about buying 2 types. You probably do most of the shopping so if you want two types, you buy what you want!! ;)

  3. I buy 2% for the kids and skim for us. Alex just switched from D when she turned two.. so for a bit there it was three milks. But Lucas drinks a gallon by himself in about 4 days.

  4. Ah. You should be able to transition the kids to skim, I would think.

    Oh, and a gallon of milk every 4 days...my family goes through a gallon a day, sometimes just a little bit more. When Ryan was about 3 and Katherine about 2, we used to have juice and they were getting to the point where that was all they would drink. So we stopped buying juice all together and told them, milk or water, so those choose milk!

    Now we occasionally buy juice, but they know they get it at meal time and only and only 2 cups, after that they have to switch to milk or water, so we drink a lot of milk.

    They really love it when we buy pop, which is rarely! That sits at the table and they are all excited because they get pop! Same rule applies, 2 cups and then to milk or water!

  5. Yes pop is a treat at our house too. We usually go out to eat every Friday, some places cheap and fast and that is the one time the kids get pop, they love it.