Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Let me start off by saying Happy New Year! I can't believe it is 2009. Eric and I gorged on junk while watching a movie... but we tired out at about 11:00 and went to bed. We figured it was the new year in Arizona, where we used to live, so we made it.
I have never been one to make New Years resolutions. I don't know why... I guess I have thought it would be a good idea but I just never really make them. I guess I am always trying to do things a little better and trying to be a better person throughout the year so maybe I don't need a specific day to set goals. Or maybe that is a bunch of hooey and I am just too lazy :)
At any rate I do look forward to this new year. It really will seem like a new year as we will continue to get settled into our new home and new area. It will be interesting to see how time changes things. Lucas will be starting kindergarten this fall! That will definitely be a big change but I am getting more and more excited for that.
Life is good... some days better than others... but I am going to keep going one day at a time.

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