Monday, February 9, 2009

Proving it true

I have always heard that it is easier to potty train girls than boys. Well, so far Alex is proving this true.
With Lucas, well we just had to wait until Lucas was ready and it was his idea too. Life is much easier if you work together rather than against Lucas on things. We first tried when he turned 3... it was not going well and I felt like we were just always fighting about it so we stopped for a bit. Probably about a month later we came back to it. It went much better. I must be honest in that I really can't remember all of the details. I remember lots of accidents, Lucas always waiting to "do his business" when I put on a diaper on him for nap.... but finally about 6 months later we had a No Diaper Party, complete with a cake, as he completely diaper free night and day.

Alex is two going on four. She truly believes she can do anything Lucas can... and so along with that comes wanting to use the toilet. A little over a week ago I bought her underwear. Dora underwear, she loves it. When we first started it took some adjusting... I have forgotten how often little kids pee... I would be just about to ask her if she needed a potty break and then it would be too late. So, after I adjusted my thinking and programed myself for potty breaks every 45 minutes we were good to go.

One of the joys that often comes along with potty training is being stuck at home since you don't want an accident in public. You know, I just wasn't willing to make this sacrifice quite yet. So here we were, underwear one day, a diaper the next as we had places to go... But you know, it is working! Today Alex did not have one accident in her underwear! I did put a diaper on her for our trip to Walmart but after a hour trip and hour lunch she was still dry! And now, well now I am just bragging. I put her down at nap time and she called for me and said poop, I assumed she already had in her diaper.. but nope, she wanted to go on the potty! Well I had better just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
Thank you Miss Alex for proving that girls are easier to potty train than boys.


  1. What a cute/funny cake!

    That's so great about Alex! Way to go!

  2. Yeah, Alex will beat Ethan. I'm only slightly depressed! ;)

  3. Just wait, it will be a whole different ball game with Madeline.

  4. Wow, I am impressed! Rilla likes to pretend that she's big enough, but she's all talk and no action. I am jealous!