Friday, February 6, 2009

The Secret To Happiness

Eureka! I have discovered it! I now, through great scientific study (a whole weeks worth) know the secret to happiness! Are you ready for this? It is so simple and so easy how did I not discover it before?

Okay enough stalling, the secret to happiness is... staying in your pajamas all day.

Yes, astounding I know! As a stay-at home mom and well probably just as a human being it is easy to get stuck in a rut. Wake up, eat breakfast, get dressed, etc., etc. etc. I find at times my ruts become very selfish and depressing. I become a little too complacent in letting my kids watch just one more show. Why? Well, in all honesty so I can probably waste more time on the computer. Your outlet might be scrapbooking, watching TV, even reading books. Whatever it might be is not bad itself....anyway I'm off topic.

So, on Monday I was ready to start fresh. No more ruts; it was time to truly start enjoying my role as a mother again. My kids did watch a show while eating breakfast but then that was it. We drove trains, we played restaurant, we even had a picnic lunch in the family room... and we did not get dressed. This was not an intentional choice just the consequence of truly engaging and playing with my children. We were to busy having fun to get dressed.

This day not only lent itself to lots of fun but I also got five loads of laundry done, Alex only had one accident--as I was attentive enough to be aware of when she needed potty breaks--and both of my children took a nap. It was a good day and I vowed to have more.

The next day was spent at the park--and yes we did get dressed first social pressures require it. The week was going great... but then slowly and unexpectedly the rut snuck back in. Blame it on fatigue, blame it on selfishness, blame it on life--whatever you would like, but it was back. I don't like the person I become during this rut so I was determined to start afresh again. So--time to play with kids, make brownies, laugh and enjoy life--and yes we are still in our pajamas.

So if you find yourself getting sucked back into that rut--stay in your pajamas--after all it is the key to life's happiness.

Pajamas equal happiness


  1. You're so cute Em! It's amazing how the such a simple thing can make all the difference! Plus, you're kids have really cute pjs.