Friday, February 27, 2009

The Right Fit

While at the Outlet Mall today I decided to try my luck in the Levi store. I recently had a pair of Levi's that I loved. In fact I loved them to holes in the butt. So I finally gave in and got rid of that pair. The trouble is, I don't remember what number it is. Anyone that has Levi's knows that Levi's have numbers to represent their different styles, 504, 529, 500, etc. So I went in, two kids-in-tow, yes I am brave, and asked what they had that wasn't low cut.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you but I do not like low cut jeans. A lot of it is due to having a long torso, shirts are often ridiculously short as it is and well after having two kids.. no one really wants to see my stomach. And is it just me or has anyone else noticed it is usually girls that really should not be showing off their bellies that are walking around with all their gut glory.... anyways that could be a whole other discussion.

The salesman showed me the two, yes only two, different styles that they had there were not low cut. I found a couple of pair in my size and headed back to the changing room. Luckily the handicap stall was open so my kids and I fit comfortably.

They fit great, well almost. I ran into trouble number two with pants.. the length. Not only do I have a long torso but I have short legs. The thing is no one wants to admit they have short legs and I will confess I live in denial of this, which is why I walk on all my jeans, creating more holes. But before I went and spent my money on jeans I wanted to make sure they were ones that fit right, no walking on allowed. So back to the shelf I went with the pair, style 529 by the way, to see if I could find the same size but in short. No luck, well there was one pair in a hideous color of blue that I just really didn't want.

So we left, no new jeans. But we will be back next week and cross my fingers that they have 529 Short.

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  1. Now that you know what style and size you are, you can buy them on the Internet. Good luck!