Monday, March 2, 2009

Their Little Minds

One of the joys of being a mom is to hear all of the funny things kids say. Bill Cosby even hosted a show once to showcase just that. Not only do kids say funny things but they ask endless questions. Here are some of the questions and funny things I have heard in the past couple of months from my four year old.

--“When I grow up and I'm a dad I'm going to work in the same office as you Dad. And we'll both have green tractors in our office. And then we'll come home and see mom and Alex.”
--“Sometimes Jesus is silly and makes people with four eyes.”
--“Every Sunday I am going to shine my shoes. Church is so long that they get dirty so I need to shine them every week.”
--“Have you seen my wagon? It is really old, it is One-Million days old.”

Lucas is always asking questions on how things work... sometimes even when he already knows..
-- “How come when you turn the TV off the speakers stop making noise?”
-- “How come my skin folds when I bend like this?”
--“What would happen if my heart was in my toes? Would my toes be too big?”
-- “What would happen if my legs were right here?” (pointing to his neck) “Then I would have no neck.”


  1. Too funny! It is definitly fun to find out whats going on in their little heads.

  2. Lucas is hilarious. :) And so is "Billy" Cosby, muahaha.

  3. Amy, I fixed it now no one will ever know :) Unless they read the comments and put two and two together. Yes, Lucas was done "napping" and I just had to hurry and finish.