Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day of Reprieve

Yesterday I was able to spend a wonderful day at the Temple. If you have get the opportunity to step away from all the trouble of the world and just spend a day serving and helping people, as I was able to yesterday, I highly recommend it.

I was able to do this thanks to my older sister who agreed to watch my kids for me all day. My sister is well beyond the toddler-age kid years and this was evident when I picked up my kids at the end of the day. She is amazing and did great, I have no doubt. She said to me many times, "If this is how it is every day you must be so tired!" Now I think she may have it a lot worse off than I as my two-year-old searched and and destroyed a few things, including picking apart a styro-foam ball while she was supposed to be napping. Yes and I "supposed to be napping" as she never did go to sleep... which is a recipe for trouble. The two-year-old also managed to spill most of a bottle of vanilla while helping make cookies. My sister really is a saint though and was great about it.

I must admit I fully enjoyed the day off, as yes being a mom of two young kids is tiring!


  1. My mom and I were supposed to go yesterday too. Rich went on Friday. Since I was still recovering we bowed out. I think it is great your sis took the kids for the day.

  2. I missed him on Friday. Was he there for the chapel session? I guess I was sitting in the front and didn't really look around so could have easily missed him.