Thursday, March 19, 2009

Maybe It's Too Full?

As a child I loved learning, I remember being excited if I got homework. As a teenager I still did good in school, I wasn't as excited about homework though. In college I HAD to study. I would write lists of questions and answers and have/make my husband quiz me on these over and over. As I got older I knew a lot more but I also had to work a lot harder to learn anything new. Probably party due to the fact that the things I was learning were more complex and I think also due to the fact that my brain may just be getting full!

I have taken a neuroscience class so I know it isn't really getting full, but am I the only one that has noticed the more new things that are learned the more old stuff one forgets! It also just takes a lot more time to learn something new.

I have been thinking about this as today I saw some instantaneous learning. Alex has been learning to ride a bike. The last time we took her she would peddle for about a foot or so and then push backwards, making the bike stop. When she finally got a little better about not pushing backwards then she was running into everything as she just stared at her feet and never looked up. You can read about it in an old post its-like-riding-a-bike.

Since that last attempt, she has occasionally hopped on her bike in the garage and rode for maybe a minute at best. Today Lucas wanted to ride his bike in the garage so Alex did too of course. I got Alex's helmet on and got ready to help her, but she was off! Not only was she only peddling forward but she was steering, going in a tight circle as that is all there was room for in the garage! Just like that she knew how to ride! We loaded up the bikes and went to the park and away she went. She did ride into the grass a couple of times and was not perfect but the transformation was amazing!

If only I could learn things so quickly.

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  1. Wow! Go Alex go! Ryan was all excited! "That's Lewis!" Haha. He had to see the video three times.